Women’s Day Away

¬†Women’s Day Away at Mittagong, 4th August 2012

Women's Day AwayIn glorious Winter weather, about 30 women headed to the Southern Highlands for a day of friendship and teaching on the topic of “Change”. Three women shared their stories of major change in their life and gave tribute to God for His love and care for them through these times. Changes included relocation into other countries and cultures, the trauma of assault, and serious illness. Small group time was a time to sharing life and experiences with supportive friends, bible study and prayer. A luscious morning tea and cafe lunch provided further opportunities for friendship and time out. This is the third Women’s Day Away. Keep an eye out for 2013’s Women’s Day Away around the same time of year!

Harrington Park Anglican Church Women's Day Away

Small group time provided opportunities to deepen friendships

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