Weekend Away 2014

Church Weekend Away 2014

17-19th October at Kiah Ridge Conference Centre

The theme for this years Church Weekend Away was God’s Gospel Our World, How do we connect people with Jesus?

Our speaker for the weekend was Bill Salier the Vice Principal of Moore College. He helped us think through how we welcome people with the gospel and how we can communicate the gospel to our world.

On Friday evening people arrived and settled into their accommodation before meeting in the hall to relax and have some fun together. This was followed by supper and some long happy conversations as our church community spent time getting to know one another a little better.

kangaroo spottingSaturday morning began with chasing kangaroos, kicking soccer balls, fantastic coffee, an important chess match and a very filling breakfast.

At 9, our first session with Bill began while pre-schoolers had fun in Creche and the school age kids went off to their programme. Using 1 Corinthians 15:1-8 Bill talked about God’s gospel in our world.

10.30 brought us all together again for fabulous coffee, muffins, fruit and more games and chatter.

In the second session Bill took us through John 4:1-42 while we considered the importance of welcoming all people – including those we find different from ourselves.

A very welcome lunch of chicken wraps – and more of that delicious coffee, sustained us for an afternoon of swimming, bush walks, reading, table tennis, games, talking and ‘nana naps’!

The ‘20 a side’ soccer match for all ages burnt up some energy and left a few bruises. The final score was unclear but everyone had a great time. A few of our more mature players were nursing some aches and pains in the evening.

crecheA wonderful evening meal of roast beef and vegetables helped reinvigorate the weary soccer players in time for a session of ‘Compulsory Fun’. This was a great time for the entire church family as we competed in teams through various activities.

Following supper some of the younger ones headed off to bed while others stayed to chat with Bill about Christians and the Movies – an interesting discussion on how we decide what we watch. Bill gave us a list of Bible references to help us work through this often tricky area.

morning teaSunday began with another great breakfast. Then kids of all ages went off to their programmes while the adults and teens met in the hall for our next session with Bill. 1 Corinthians 9:1-27 provided the stimulus for a talk about Christian freedom and how that works out for the individual.

After morning tea of carrot cake, fruit and more of that coffee, we met again for our final session with Bill. This time Acts 17:16-34 was the springboard to thinking about communicating with our constantly changing society.

A leisurely lunch provided a final opportunity for chatting with friends before cleaning up, packing up and heading for home.

friendshipIt has been a truly memorable weekend for everyone. It was an excellent time to build relationships amongst our church family through serving and sharing with one another. It was great to see many people were able to come for the day if they were unable to attend for the entire weekend.

It is anticipated that the church will have another weekend away in the not too distant future. Keep watching this website to note down the date of this special event.

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