Kids Club Finale 2015

Kids Club Finale

Friday 4th December

group instructionsApproximately 20 children along with leaders and parents met at The Hub on Friday 4th of December for the final Kids Club event of the year.

constructing a gingerbread houseFollowing an afternoon tea the children were given instructions on the method of constructing their ‘gingerbread houses’. The gingerbread had been replaced with Milk Coffee biscuits to allow for easier construction but it made no difference to the fun of construction. Icing, lollies and chatter filled the air and yummouths as construction got underway with some wonderfully creative houses being the end result of the children’s efforts.

Next year will again bring changes for Kids Club with a move from Harrington Park School to ‘The Hub’ in Smeaton Grange. This will be the venue for Kids Club when it reconvenes in Feb 2016.the finished ginerbread house

If you have any questions please contact Mel by her email

An email will be sent in the new year letting people know the date of the first Kids Club meeting for 2016. The dates will also be on this Website.

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