Kids Club Finale 2014

Kids Club Finale

Wednesday 26th November

Gingerbread HouseOver 50 children along with many of their parents attended the last Kids Club event of the year at Harrington Park Public School.

The usual afternoon tea, singing and games were followed by the exciting activity of building and decorating ‘Gingerbread Houses’. Although gingerbread was replaced with Milk Coffee biscuits – the name and the fun, remains the same. Building became a delightfully complex and messy procedure with much of the construction material ending in mouths and not just on houses. The final results were spectacular and it is hoped that the houses survived the journey home. Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time with several children struggling with ‘sugar overload’ by the end of the day.

Making Gingerbread housesA delightful afternoon tea was provided for the parents and many families stayed to enjoy it.

Many thanks to all the parents who helped out for this special day and a big thank you to all the wonderful leaders.

Next year will bring exciting changes with Kids Club moving to Friday afternoon. It will begin at 4.30pm and run through to 5.45pm.

Jono and sonThere are a number of reasons for the change:
1) This later time slot allows for more leaders to be available to run these programmes.
2) This time slot makes it easier for children from other schools to attend Kid’s Club.
3) This will allow Kids Club to link in with Unite Youth – a group that runs on Friday evenings from 7-9 for High School Aged Children.

If you have any questions please contact Mel by her email

An email will be sent in the new year letting people know the date of the first Kids Club meeting for 2015. The dates will also be on this Website.

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