Campus Bible Ministries

Campus Bible Ministries

Richards FamilyCBM is a partnership of students serving Christ at UWS Campbelltown who see the campus as a mission field and by God’s grace proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ there. CBM is affiliated with the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES) who support the staff workers, who assist students in the mission on campus. For the past five years the staff worker at UWS Campbelltown has been Adam Richards, who is married to Trudy. They have four beautiful children, Benjamin, Nathanael, Anastasia and Simeon.

The CBM vision is to faithfully proclaim the good news of God’s Kingdom in love to every student at UWS Campbelltown.

The mission of CBM Campbelltown is to evangelise every student on campus with the gospel, and in doing this to create structures capable of ministering to 100 students in partnership who have a common goal of preaching the gospel to UWS Campbelltown with 10 student Bible Study leaders, 20 students reading the Bible one-to-one and 10 people a year coming to know Jesus. UWS Campbelltown has over 9,000 students studying at the campus.

An exciting development for 2015 is that two new staff workers will be on campus. A new part-time woman’s worker, Sylvia Law and a new MTS worker, Dave Wales.

Prayer – To reach the campus with the gospel, we need God’s strength. Can you pray that we will be bold in reaching the campus with the gospel.

Financial Support – To keep a staff worker on campus, costs money, if you could support the work that would be great. Harrington Park Anglican Church assist in Adam’s ministry through financial support and regular prayer.

Click on this link to financially support the work through AFES.

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