SRE resourcesSpecial Religious Education (SRE) classes are provided for students at Harrington Park Public School every Wednesday morning. A team of trained teachers, cover 12 classes from Kinder to Grade 6. We are also assisting with Infants Scripture at Austral Public School.

Lessons are prepared from material supplied by Christian Education Publications, a branch of Anglican Youthworks. All lessons and music are Bible based with a focus on the saving work of Jesus Christ. Workbooks and material are provided free by the people of Harrington Park Anglican Church.

Our Youth Minister teaches SRE at Elizabeth Macarthur High School on Tuesdays to year 7 and 8 students. The average class has 17 students, and each student will get one hour a week for 8 weeks throughout the year. At lunchtime on Tuesdays a group called SMS (Save My School) meets on campus. During these meetings and in class the students and leader discuss topics such as: Who Is God?, God’s Message To You, How does the Bible fit together? and Other Religions.

While the majority of students are from Anglican backgrounds all students are welcome to attend the classes.

SRE TeachersAll teachers of SRE have been fully investigated and approved under the Governments ‘kidsguardian’ project. Each person has also been trained in the Youthworks Safe Ministry Course.

The SRE team, consider it a privilege to be part of the Harrington Park School Community and to be able to share the love of Jesus with so many wonderful children and their families.

Parents and caregivers who have questions about the content of lessons or any other aspect of SRE are invited to contact Mel Ph: (02) 4648 1822.

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