Holiday Club Photos 2015

Kids Holiday Club Photos 2015

Super Impossible Promises Holiday Club

Thursday 9th April, Friday 10th April, Sunday 12th April

During the April school holidays about 80 kids and 25 leaders gathered Super Impossible Promises Brotherstogether to enjoy Super Impossible Promises Holiday Club. Each day the kids would play games – some of them included a treasure hunt, fresh, ninjas and super impossible corners. The kids made some amazing crafts – weaving, a memory verse key ring and a Super Impossible Yarn guy.

Each day we were all dazzled Super Impossible Promises by the acting talents of Antonio & Benicio the Super Impossible Brothers as they worked their way through the levels of their game to get to the prize. They had to work out puzzles, complete tricky challenges and even defeat a scary gorilla!!

Each day we heard from the Bible. We heard of some of the many promises that God has made to us in the Bible. We heard how God has kept every single one of his promises and that we can trust in Him.

One of the highlights of the two days was having Ben Pakula lead us in singing and teaching us a rocking memory verse ‘God has promised us a new heaven and earth where justice will rule. We’re really looking forward to that!’ 2 Peter 3:13. So much fun was had!!

group singing
Super Impossible Brothers fun

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